Friday, July 26, 2013

WILD NEIGHBORS (Rediscovering What It Is To Be Human)

 Young humans got together with their neighbors 
to explore how to
 participate in the upliftment of all beings.
Then they created a play.
(Rediscovering What It Is To Be Human)

Cast members gathered together with...

  • Rachel Kaplan (Urban Homesteading
  •  Marssa Mommaerts (Transition U.S. & Post Carbon Institute)
  •  Angelo Silva & Ryan Johnston (Daily Acts)
  • Brad Lancaster (Rainwater Harvesting)
  • Michael Nagker & Stephanie Van Hook (METTA Center for Nonviolent Education)
  • Adam Kightlinger & Raleigh Campbell (Weaving Earth) 
  • Lydia Kindheart  (Lyia's Organic's & SUNFLOWER CENTER
Cast members EXPLORED...

  • PERMACULTURE's  ethics & principles
  • The Power of VULNERABILITY
  • Nonviolent Communication 
  • Homesteading,
  • Water
  • Designing a life without EXPLOITATION or POLLUTION
  • The Gift Economy 
  • Poop 
  • and other inspiring ideas of freedom, responsibility, abundance, and joy!

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